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H&H Prescott’s Green Light Energy Service is effective at designing a seamless turnkey lighting up-grade for your facility.

Dedicated to Sustainable Lighting Design that:

  • Will reduce energy demand
  • Increase cash flow
  • Improve the lighting
  • Protect the environment

Our goal for you is to:

  • Reduce your lighting energy costs up to 66%
  • Realize as much as 50% ROI
  • Achieve a simple payback in 2-3 years
  • Define you as an environmental leader (reduce your carbon footprint)
  • Improve your lighting and reduce your monthly utility bill
  • Protect your business from escalating energy prices

Products and Services

  • Facility Lighting Energy Analysis
  • Benchmark Current Lighting Energy Performance (foot-candles and watts/sq. ft.)
  • Investment Grade Audit
  • Qualify You For Maximum Tax and Rebate Incentives
  • Accelerate Depreciation and Write-Off Obsolete Lighting Systems
  • Design Innovative Sustainable Lighting Fixtures and Controls
  • Implement a Lighting System Retrofit and/or Replacement
  • Recycle and/or Dispose of Obsolete Lighting Systems
  • Lamp Replacement and Maintenance
  • Guarantee a Simple Pay-Back (within 10%)
  • Energy Star Benchmarking Assistance

Save Money Now. You May Be a Lighting Up-Grade Candidate if:

  • Your Building Lighting System Is More Than 5 Years Old
  • You are Operating T8 or T12 Lamps
  • You are Operating Incandescent Lamps
  • You are Operating Three or More Lamps In Your Lighting Fixture
  • You are Operating 400 Watt or Higher HID Lamps in High Ceilings
  • You are Operating 100 Watt or Higher HID Lamps in Lower Ceilings or Retail Spaces
  • You are paying more than 6 cents a kilowatt hour



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